Three-month CT scan report

I saw my consultant again today to discuss the findings of my ‘three-months-after-chemo’ CT scan. It’s another good result. His words? “This shows a sustained complete response,” building on the ‘complete response’ report from the CT scan three months previously. 

What led to the May 2018 diagnosis and subsequent summertime course of chemotherapy was bladder cancer that had metastasized to my lymph glands, with spots also found on my liver and my lungs. As you can guess, that’s considered Not Very Good. Now? It appears that what cancerous cells there might be are too small to be detected by CT scan. Here are some of the standout bits from the scan analysis report:

  • No suspicious lung lesions identified.
  • No detectable lesions in the chest wall.
  • Liver is normal size and tissue density.
  • No apparent asymmetric urinary bladder wall thickening.
  • The retrocural, para-aortic abdominal and pelvic lymph nodes are not enlarged.
  • No apparent exophytic lesions.
  • No suspicious bony lesions.

There is “subtle superficial mucosal calcific focus” within the bladder. Calcification can be associated with some kinds of tumor, but this is very minor (note the words “subtle superficial”) and isn’t accompanied by any other indicators at this time.

As my consultant said today, it’s extremely rare for someone to have a response to treatment that’s as good as this, so there’s very little literature to go on. I’m going to keep on with my own cannabis treatment as I think there’s a really strong chance it’s directly involved in my unexpectedly good response. If this carries on perhaps my case could help those making science-based investigations into cannabis and cancer.

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