Halfway chemo point CT scan

My chemo runs for six three-week cycles, so the halfway point was after nine weeks (3x three weeks). There’s a CT scan at that point, which gives the first real evidence of how well or not the treatment is going. I was very keen to know this, as the initial diagnosis had been, frankly, very bleak.

When I spoke to my consultant some days after my scan he had good news. Better than he had expected. The response of the cancer to the treatment was dramatic… better than he has ever seen before. He said that three times in the meeting; he really meant it. Afterwards, as I left his office, the senior oncology nurse grabbed me in the corridor, gave me a quick hug, and said congratulations for the wonderful news. This was not normal, clearly!

My consultant said the tumours in my bladder had shrunk almost to nothing, as had what was in my lymph glands. The spots seen on my liver and lung at the start – they were gone, or at least shrunk to the point that they couldn’t be seen in a CT scan.

I asked him if he though some of this was due to my regime of taking cannabis every evening. He said that there wasn’t enough reliable evidence from serious trials to support this theory, so he put if all down to the chemo. Me, I didn’t argue but I’m very confident that cannabis played an important part, possibly in conjunction with the chemo, otherwise a parallel effort.

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