So you've had a cancer diagnosis…

It is an immense shock when you get a cancer diagnosis. I know this very well. Your world is turned upside down, you’re suddenly facing one or more alarming medical processes and procedures, and you will probably feel helpless and hopeless.

Don’t panic. Please, try not to. It won’t help and it can hurt. Instead, think seriously about adding cannabis oil to your treatments. (Yes, adding. Don’t replace regular treatments with this.) Starting a cannabis oil regime is a REALLY good thing to do for many reasons:

First, it will help you sleep and buffer you from the worst of the side effects of whatever treatment you’re given. I went through really heavy-duty chemotherapy and while it did hammer me the oil helped me cope with it so well that the nurses were amazed. On top of that, you’ll be worrying about the diagnisis itself and what it means, and that’s a recipe for losing sleep if ever there was one; cannabis oil is wonderful for dealing with that.

Second, it is really important to have something to do. Growing is fun; it is a great project, and you can do it with no more room than a large wardrobe.

Third, it could be an active part of the fight against your cancer. We need more large-scale trials, but it has turned my terminal diagnosis around, it did the same for the guy who taught me (he’s a decade past where he was told he’d get to) and I know an increasing number of people with similar reports.

Nothing is certain, not chemotherapy, not radiotherapy, and not cannabis oil. Cancers are all different, so nobody should call this a sure-fire cure, but it has worked for many people and has medical researchers really interested. So… if you want to use cannabis oil you have a few different choices, based on where you live. You’ll need to grow your own if at all possible, but that will take a few months before you’re ready to harvest and make oil. So first, get started any way you can.

Buy ready-made oil (if you can)

If you’re in a medical legal state or country you can simply buy it from a dispensary. This could be a bit expensive in the long run but it means you can start right away. (Avoid ‘RSO’ if you can as that means oil made with hazardous, toxic solvents; the actual Rick Simpson method – the R and S in the RSO name – is outdated.)

Buy weed to make oil

If you live somewhere else, you could start by buying a bag of weed, although you’ll easily get through an ounce a month so it’ll cost you a fair few bucks. If you’re lucky enough to know a grower ask them for their ‘trim’ – the leaves and offcuts that many smoker-growers discard. Those have the same oil you need in them, just not as much oil as is in those prized flower buds.

Make your oil

Once you have your weed, turn to the Cannolator and Green Oil Machine posts for instructions on making your medicine. And once you have your oil, take it daily. You can microdose if you like (take a drop or maybe two of diluted oil a few times a day), but definitely take a full dose every evening. How much a full dose is depends on your tolerance, and that’s something that will increase a lot over the next few weeks and continue rising a little for a long time. After a few weeks of following my cannabis oil regime the doses I was taking doses that would have floored me at the start.

Get in touch with other cannabis-using cancer patients

Facebook is a good place to reach out to others in similar situations. Beware of the many well-meaning folk who will rattle off impressive-sounding claims for treatments that have no scientific foundation, but remember that most of them (not all, but most) have nothing but the best intentions.

Three don’ts and one do:

  • Don’t despair.
  • Don’t be alone.
  • Don’t reject regular treatment.
  • Do take cannabis oil daily

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