A Doctor’s Case for Medical Marijuana

I love TED talks. They’re (almost) universally superbly researched, written and presented. This one is particularly on topic: A Doctor’s Case for Medical Marijuana.

From the TED talk page: “Physician David Casarett was tired of hearing hype and half-truths around medical marijuana, so he put on his skeptic’s hat and investigated on his own. He comes back with a fascinating report on what we know and what we don’t — and what mainstream medicine could learn from the modern medical marijuana dispensary.”

What do you think?

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  1. Gary M says:

    A blast from the past, this is [GM], your old colleague.
    I have just heard about your illness from [DH]. Wow, what a battler you are, the blog is fascinating.
    I’m interested in your use of cannabis. My wife has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and we will be trying some of your advice regarding THC etc. [DH] said you were taking cannabis oil with milk is it sub lingually administered (under the tounge), If you have the time or energy could you let me know the process?
    Keep going, our thoughts are with you.
    Best Wishes

  2. CancerWriter says:

    Hi Gary, I think and hope I can help. I’ve just emailed you.

  3. Desperate mom says:

    Just recently found out the my breast cancer has returned and is now in my bones. The more visits I make to my drs the more I feel that I should be planning my funeral. However I have 5 young girls that are desperate for me to live and I want to be here for them. I’ve tried making the FECO oil but it was crazy thick and was impossible to put in a syringe and to consume was as impossible, it stuck to skin and teeth. There has to be more information on how to make this in a therapeutic form that can be consumed. Any information on how to correctly make this would be so appreciated. Trying to stay positive but desperation is consuming me. I don’t want to make my kids watch me slowly die.

    1. CancerWriter says:

      Hi – I also find that undiluted FECO (‘full extract’ cannabis oil) is ridiculously sticky and thick. I always mix it with a carrier oil at about 5:1 ratio (carrier to FECO) as soon as I have extracted it. This means I can store it in small glass dropper bottles and just count out drops onto a spoon when I take a dose. The benefits of doing this are significant, in my eyes:

      • Storing and using it is simpler: no need to warm up a syringe or pull out sticky blobs with a toothpick
      • Dosing is easier to manage: undiluted FECO is so strong that it’s far too easy to take more than you meant to and wipe out half a day
      • It is widely considered to have a greater bioavailability when diluted with a carrier oil (olive oil or MCT oil is recommended)

      The process is fairly simple. When you have your neat FECO, put it in something you can heat up. I use a lab-style pyrex beaker and a cheap baby bottle warmer. Put in five parts of carrier oil (MCT or virgin olive) to one part FECO, warm it up and stir, stir, stir! I also add a dash of sunflower lecithin to help the oils blend and stay blended. The result will be runny, nothing like the semi-solid tar of neat FECO. Then put it in small dropper bottles (Amazon is good for this) and dose yourself as much and as often as you wish and can handle.

      I wish you the very best! I know it’s hard to stay positive, but do keep trying. For one thing, desperation doesn’t make anything better, it just messes up your relationship with everything around you. Do everything your doctors say AND take your FECO religiously. That’s what I’ve been doing.

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