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Even in places where there are marijuana dispensaries, prices can be stupidly high for the amount of plant material that you need to extract a usable amount of oil. You should be looking at a minimum of an ounce (28g) if you plan to use the Green Oil Machine or 3/4 ounce (20g) if you’re going to use the smaller Cannolator.

Growing your own is the best solution in terms of cost in the long term and often in the medium term too. But when if you don’t have a handy outbuilding with power for a tent, or a garden with tall fences and bushes to keep things hidden? Well, if you have a balcony or terrace you could try growing there!

Don’t go for a monster-sized (7-8 feet tall) sativa, pick a plant strain that is short, has low levels of smell, matures quickly, and is autoflowering so it doesn’t rely on day/night lengths to start producing the flowers. Many seed web sites have search engines that can help you track this combination down, but I have a suggestion plus some notes that should help you get going, discreetly…

Medicine growing instructions



  1. Wet a couple of the Root Riot cubes. It can be helpful to cut their plastic containers from the main pack and keep them in that.
  2. Put them into a bowl or some other container that can keep them upright and contain a small amount of water – just enough to touch the bottom of the cubes and keep them from drying out.
  3. Put a single seed in each of the cubes, pushed a few mm below the surface so they are pretty much hidden from sight. Don’t push them a long way down into the cubes or they will struggle to emerge.
  4. Put this somewhere dark and not too cold. Check it daily, and when the seeds have ‘popped’ and are showing some growth out of the cubes move them to where they will get sunlight. The young sprouts should force the seed case off the new leaves, but this can sometimes take a few days.


  1. When the seeds have shown their first leaves (the baby round ones) for a few days, carefully pick up the small cube and look at the base. If you see a white root emerging, it’s time to transplant them into their fabric pot. If not, put it back and check again the next day.
  2. Fill one of the fabric pots with the soil, mixing in vermiculite as you go. You can use a quarter to a third vermiculite to soil.
  3. Make a hole in the centre of the soil and put a small cube in there, then fill it in. The cube can be slightly below the soil surface.
  4. Firm the soil and water it, gently.
  5. Put it somewhere that it will get some light. If it gets a bit chilly at night cover it with a cloche while it’s still very young, but beware of these making the plants get TOO hot. Keep the vent open at the top and perhaps prop it up so there’s an air gap at the base.


After a week or so you can start to feed the young plants by adding a small amount of the Black Magic nutrients to their water. DON’T use a lot; plants can be over-fed. It’s better to be cautious.

Water maybe every couple of days, but most importantly just do it when the soil starts to feel only slightly damp rather than at all wet. Don’t keep the soil soggy! If roots stay too wet they can suffocate and rot. If roots start getting a BIT dry they will grow more in search of water, helping to make the plant stronger and healthier. But of course if they get bone dry they die.

If you grow the Auto #1 it’ll only take roughly 2.5 months from germination to harvest!

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